Monday, 24 May 2010

The Thrift Corner

George Osbourne is announcing his spending cuts LIVE, right now. Apparently, schools, higher education and adult learning are all to be protected and yet £670 million is being removed from the education budget. I wonder what this means for public libraries and archives?

Any money saving suggestions are very welcome. Off the top of our heads, we're thinking about switching off all the lights and handing out head lamps to visitors as they arrive. Alternatively, the electricity could be run off a couple of exercise bikes in the foyer, thus combining local authority gym and library/archive  in one cost effective movement.

Our heating can be off now that summer is blooming, but perhaps we could have a stock of stylish library ponchos to pass around during winter time? They could be knitted from the spun dust and hair that collects in the library vacuum cleaners. Waste not, want not!

The biggest lay out each year is probably staff wages but these will surely decrease if we all move into the library and therefore no longer have rent or mortgages to pay. We would be like a big, poor, smelly family (only one shower between 30). We'd say goodnight like the Waltons and comfort eat like the Simpsons.

And I suppose we could switch to value brand biscuits in the staff room, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

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