Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We're Alright Jack!

It is exciting times for excited people here at Orkney Library and Archive. Some of you may have been devastated to hear about the pay freeze for public sector workers earning over £21,000, particularly those of you who are still climbing a pay scale.

Fortunately, most of us here earn so little that that particular budget point does not apply to us and we have all been smugly perusing catalogues, websites and shop windows because we have all been promised a lump sum of £250, per year, for two years!!! If my calculations are correct, which they undoubtedly are not, then, after tax, we shall have an extra £16.60 each month to just go crazy with!!!

One colleague has decided to take up light smoking again, another is planning to eat a bit more yogurt than she normally would, all the mobile drivers are pooling theirs to put disco lighting in the vans (they like to dance) and me? Hats. Either 12 normal ones, or just one big purple one, I haven't decided yet.

2011 is going to be a styyyylish year....


  1. I'd recommend one big purple hat on a year's hat budget - you know you're worth it :-)

  2. It was always going that way if I'm honest. A large feather shall definitely be involved...


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