Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oh You Weird, Random Thing, Internet!

Have just discovered the new 'stats' button on the blogger dashboard which breaks down all of your user statistics. Much of the information is as expected, e.g. the vast majority of our readers are based in the U.K. followed by America and Canada, but you can also identify the conduit websites which lead readers to your blog.

Our main web portal is obviously the Orkney Library and Archive website, but I have learned today that we are listed on the blog roll of this blogger. Thank you!

I was also surprised to learn that our most viewed post by quite a long way was this tribute to weather man Michael Fish. Why is this?

The mystery of what brings random readers to your blog can be semi-solved by looking at the search engine terms which have resulted in a visit. The phrase which has been most successful for us has been "your mother doesn't work here poster" which brought readers to this weary protest about messy meeting room users.

Other top ten search terms have been:

"big piles of pancakes"

"George Galloway"

"It's alright, it's okay, doesn't really matter if you're old and grey."


"is master baker Paul Hollywood married?"

All of which are very far from anything that I would ever have guessed.


  1. My brother has kept a blog for many a long year (over 10 I think) just about his life and stuff.

    He used to list his monthly states and for a few years he got far more hits for a single, passing mention of The Powderpuff Girls than anything else.

    So the secret is to reference lots of random stuff.

    Also, is Paul Hollywood married? You never said.

  2. Yes, the seemingly random mentions of pop culture were not, as many would think, a sign of an unsophisticated mind, but a carefully constructed strategy to entice readers across the world wide web!

    Paul says it's none of your business.


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