Friday, 26 March 2010

If The Times are Doing it, So Can We

News International have today announced that they are to begin charging for the online content of The Times newspaper.

Proposed charges are £1 per day or a £2 per week subscription.

As the content of this blog is derived from exhaustive research and totally skillful journalistic techniques, quite frankly, we feel that readers have been taking advantage of us for far too long.

As of next week, the charge for reading your daily dose of archive-related news and nonsense shall be £500 pounds. Being interested in the preservation of old stuff, we shall accept doubloons, farthings, guineas and ha'pennies. But not Groats. We don't do Groats.

We feel that it's a reasonable price for what readers receive. Seriously, who else brings you pictures of 1940s Orkney drivers' licenses (which only cost 5 shillings), JLS in a Jenson cab, a 1766 drawing of oddly-proportioned gnomes working in a field AND a picture of a confused-looking dog at the same time?

Not The Times, that's for dang sure.

Driving licence reference: D1/846

Jenson cab: Walker's crisps.

Field gnomes: D8/E/19 [G3]

Confused dog:

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