Thursday, 19 July 2012

I KNEW it!

"Pure" you say? Increases Muscular Strength? Gives Physical Endurance and Staying Power?

Quick friends; to the microfilm readers to search for proof that wine raises IQ levels and makes you a groovier dancer permanently, not just post-quaff!

 There could also be evidence that cakes are not 'fattening' and 'artery clogging' but 'invigorating to the digestive tract' and 'advisable to eat in large quantities.'

Get to it!


  1. I'm delighted, as always. If there's a library that does funnier tweets & blog posts, I'd like to meet it. Missing your quiet Reference Room ... missing St. Magnus ... missing Kirkwall.

  2. Thank you Rhiannon! We'd miss us too if we weren't us... come back soon!


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