Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Helllooooo Stromness!!!

The Orkney Library and Archive cyber family has grown again and we are delighted to welcome the Stromness Library Blog which can be viewed here. We also have a link to the site on our blogroll below.

Up until now, we have mentioned Stromness events wherever possible but it was felt that, with so much going on through in the Wild Wild West Mainland, that it was time for a dedicated blog.

Stromness library is host to the Stromness library reading group, many George Mackay Brown Fellowship events and the local creative writing group. It is hoped that these organisations shall perhaps provide guest posts from time to time and that some local news and/or scandalous gossip shall be given an airing.

Pop over and join the party...


  1. Thanks for the mention *waves shyly*

    We are feeling more than a little in awe of your blogging prowess but will try our best to entertain and inform - or at least not be too boring. Though if all else fails we can always bring out our secret weapon and bribe readers with Carol's meringues :-)

  2. I think that Carol's meringues should have a blog of their own!

    Looking forward to your posts...


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