Wednesday, 19 September 2012

True Story...

William and Kate were furious. No honestly, they were really, really angry.

Kate just phoned a minute ago to book some time onto the library public pcs as William and her are planning an Orkney stop-off on their way back from the South Pacific.

"Sorry Kate," we said, "but the public PCs will have no internet access on Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th of September due to essential maintenance."

"But how are Wills and I going to play Farmville when we're there???!!" Kate fumed. "Wills needs to harvest his tomatoes! This is unbelievable... we're giving Orkney back to Norway and that's that!"

"Chill out K-Mid, the Wifi will be fine.You can bring in your laptops"

"Thank goodness for that, you shall remain Scottish. For now..."

I wonder what they'll do when they realise that we've moved the reference room upstairs...

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