Friday, 18 January 2013

Sheeply Disturbing

As a lily-livered, city-bred Sooth-moother, I found these photographs of sheep shearing really disturbing when I found them today:

But not as distubing as this:

Aaaaggghhhhh! And look at THIS!:


Quick! Look at this:


And this:


Images taken from the Orkney Photographic Archive:
Sheep shearing at Grain farm
Unidentified sheep shearing photo.
Two headed sheep.
Pat Cooper's monkey, 1927
D. Gorn's bee-hives in 1932.


  1. What's happened to your regular Twitter feeds.Use to make me laugh.Blobs are fine,but not the same!

  2. Sad to say, our twitter man found being hilarious so exhausting that he has been put on extended bed-rest (sob!). We have lit some candles under a picture of Bucks Fizz and are praying as fervently as you for his return.

    Perhaps some manner of twitter-campaign involving Dallas actors and pictures of kittens would help?

  3. The sheep don't mind being sheared, really they don't. The men who do this are careful, partly to be kind to the sheep, and partly because they don't want the fleece messed up. This is where wool yarn starts: growing on a sheep's back. Some sheep are white, some are grey, some are brown, and some are multi-colored. Those are the natural colors of wool yarn, such as Fishermen's Yarn made by Lion Brand.

    The beehives are nifty!

  4. Ah nifty, how I like that word!

    That is reassuring re: the sheep. I knew that I was being a wuss and that they are alright really...


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