Saturday, 9 March 2013

Never A Doll Moment

Look what I found when looking for shipbuilding apprenticeship documents. What are they for? Who knows?

One of the figures has "Napolean - 5' 4" and Horatio Nelson was 5' 5"' written on it's leg.

Reference: D116/6


  1. i love those little dolls - are they made from cardboard?

  2. They're great aren't they? Yes - thin cardboard and paper fasteners.

  3. I think they may have been poseable templates for adding scale figures to shipbuilding plans? Or maybe just used to check that ceiling heights, hammock width allowances or whatever were appropriate.

    This is just a wild guess! I've no idea of the actual size of these, nor their approximate age. The names added - such as Napoleon and Nelson - would have been well-known and perhaps added a bit of personality to them?

  4. Tin trunk,those seem like very sensible and plausible suggestions. If we could give you a gold star then we would.

  5. A virtual gold star is just as good. I'm very chuffed!


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