Friday, 7 February 2014

The Mystery of the Blue Jacket Boy....Solved!!

And here he is, our Blue Jacket Boy:

A message to everyone from Mary, grandaughter of David John Phillips I wish to forward my everlasting gratitude to the lady who delivered my grandfather’s letter to the Orkney Library and Archive and to all the researchers who found the identity of the ‘Bluejacket Boy’, my grandfather, David John Phillips. ‘Dai’ married my wonderful Orcadian grandmother, Catherine Isabella Coghill Johnston on 11th April 1919 at the Congregational Manse, Kirkwall. David returned home to Llanelli with his new bride ‘Bella’ where they opened a greengrocer’s shop and had two children, my mother Minnie and my aunt Jean. David and Bella lived with us throughout my formative years so were my ‘grand’ parents in every sense. They were an inspiring and loving couple. I still miss them both terribly. I am truly grateful to you all as without you,and the Orkney Library Archive, this precious letter would have remained a mystery forever. Thank you to everybody from my heart.
David J Phillips and Catherine Johnston

For the story from the beginning in Oct 2013 see here and an update in Jan 2014 here.


  1. I am really delighted! So many people contributed to solving this mystery - how good to have a happy ending to the story of the Blue Jacket Boy!

  2. Thank you Lynn, we are all very happy to have the chance to deliver the letter after all this time.

  3. Oh, what a perfect ending to a wonderful story! Thank you, everyone, for persevering--being a genealogist myself, I know you all took quite a bit of time researching this tale.

    And thanks, Dusty et al, for keeping us informed. THIS kind of story is what makes genealogy fun for me.


  4. Thank you Sue. We are quite overwhelmed.


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