Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The 12 Seals of Christmas #2

This beauty is attached to a precept of clare constat (a deed in which a superior acknowledges that it 'clearly appears' that someone is heir to landed property held of the superior) by George, Bishop of Orkney, in favour of Robert Elphinstone as heir to Rany Elphinstone, his father, of the half pennyland of Hamagar in Cairston in the sheriffdom of Orkney.

Dated 17th September 1616. Orkney Archive Reference D1/792

This seal is heavy and rounded at the back with a thick layer of yellowing wax. The arms shown are those of the Graham clan: a seal quartered by roses and scallops.

DUSTY: Hey Archiver.

ARCHIVER: Hey Dusty.

DUSTY: Seal told me to tell you that he's really upset and that he's still willing to appear on the blog if you say sorry to him.

ARCHIVER: I'm sorry about the confusion but there's no room for him this advent. *shouts* Sorry Seal!

SEAL: *behind door* You will be! I notice none of your poxy wax seals had a Batman movie theme-tune. You're pathetic!

DUSTY: Maybe give him a bit of time. I'll give him a twix.

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