Saturday, 9 July 2016

Wimbledon Final. Calmly.

We are NOT going to get overexcited this time.

 Yes, Andy Murray is in the Wimbledon final tomorrow and yes, we may have gotten a touch over emotional about it in the past. There may have been heartfelt songs composed when we should have been working but we've got a hold on things this year and, with the help of a professional therapist, we shall watch tomorrow with an air of zen-like serenity.

Here are some Orcadian tennis players from the past to wish Muzza good luck:

'Good luck Andy!'
Good luck indeed beuy!

2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate? A,N,D,Y, tomorrow we'll be flying high!

Yoo hoo! Good luuuuck!

 Look into my eyes... no, not around the eyes, INTO my eyes. You SHALL win Wimbledon Andy, It will be...

Photographs taken from the Orkney Photographic archive and Orkney Archive Reference D70/9/10

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