Friday, 26 August 2016

Don't Talk To Me In That Phone!

We are still cataloguing some of Margaret Tait's papers and. as always, some of the most fascinating pieces have been her journals and notebooks when she just writes about...stuff. What's in the news, what she thinks of it, conversations she's overheard, random thoughts that pop into her head; they are always interesting and quite often rather ahead of their time or still relevant.

The journal I am cataloguing at the moment dates from 1964 and contains notes, sketches and musings. If you substitute the words 'an iphone' with 'a book' in the following excerpts, then you have a pretty accurate depiction of 21st century life:

From box D97/47 - currently closed as being catalogued.

We of course never read our iphones when others are talking to us. Unless we're checking the weather of course. Or looking at cinema times. Or checking our running stats. Or seeing if our baby is still awful on the awful baby app. Or looking for pokemon.

Apart from all those times, we NEVER do it.


Let's have a Friday afternoon boogie:


  1. I've been catching up here (not looking for Pokemon--my phone isn't smart enough to do that). I keep looking at the article about the Royals visiting Orkney. People used to tell my mom that she looked a lot like Queen Elizabeth. She sure did! It's kind of spooky, in a way.

    I've enjoyed the posts, and been sad for you over the loss of friends. Had a couple of laughs, and agreed that talking on the phone can be a challenge. So, again, thanks for this blog. It brightens my day, every time I come here.


    1. Thank you Sue. Nice to see you on here again.


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