Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Beasting for Burns

We like Rabbie Burns and his poetry. Indeed, some of us are going out with him. But, if we are completely honest, the thing we like most about Burn's night is the mountains and mountains of clapshot. This, according to a 1938 edition of the Orcadian is due to our 'animal-like' Orcadian stomachs:

Orcadian, 20th January 1938

Weaklings can only manage a pound of the stuff.

George Mackay Brown loved clapshot so much he wrote a column about it opining that "Everything about clapshot is good, including the smell and the colour. I think this particular clapshot was about the best I've ever made...And it made a glow in the wintry stomach."

By now, all non Orcadians may be screaming at the computer 'What the HELL is this clapshot, it sounds delicious? I want to make it at once!' Behold below F. Marian McNeill's recipe. George put onion in his whilst wondering if it was she who suggested it and she does recommend shallots or chives:

F. Marian McNeill's Recipes From Scotland
Have you ever made clapshot? What is your recipe? Do you think that clapshot is rank? Please get in touch...


  1. As they've put clapshot in quotes each time it looks like it's a euphemism for something else. Something illicit or sinister perhaps...


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