Saturday, 23 June 2018

Happy Birthday For Tomorrow Glenn!

Oh Glenn Mederios, is anything, ever going to change our love for you? Certainly not the fact that you went to university after your chart success and became a teacher and the possible fact that your children are called Chord and Lyric pleases us greatly.

OBVIOUSLY we pretend to be the girl in this excellent video the most: (the balloon bit)

...but we also like to pretend that we are riding a horse on a beach with you and the following song is the Orkney Archive ode to our old, desperately needing a service, soon to be obsolete micro-film viewer-printer which only the archive staff may use.

Nothing will change our love for it.

 Not the wonky focus knob, not the way the lens constantly springs out of place, not the way it snatches the film from our hands and spews it out the other side, not the rubbish way it sucks in two sheets of paper at once and then prints half of a newspaper page on each one....NOTHING will alter our ardent love for it. This one's for you Canon Microfilm Scanner 800! Take it away Glenn...

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  1. I love the old microfilm scanner/printers too. What are we going to do, when there are no more left, and all those rolls of microfilm can't be read? And then there's the microfiche--also condemned to a life wasting away in a dark drawer somewhere lost in the mists of time.



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