Saturday, 25 May 2019

Great Tait

There were many exhibitions on Margaret Tait's life and work at the end of last year to celebrate her centenary. We recently received the last archives back from an exhibition at GOMA and they are being unpacked and put back in their boxes, much to the relief of Dusty. (She is the archives' doting mother. If she could make them hot toddys and beat up their bullies, she would)

One of the items is a small photograph album with some rarely-seen images of Margaret as a young women; before she qualified as a doctor, before she began Ancona films with fellow students in Italy and before she became the first Scottish woman to direct a feature film.

Margaret and her brother Maxwell in 1921/2. She would have been about 3.

Age 18 in 1936.
Margaret as a slightly older child

In N. France with a friend, aged around 20.

Portrait, no date.

Looking glam in Dundee, 1940.

Blue Black Permanent was released in 1992 and was nominated for a Scottish Bafta for Best Film.

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