Thursday, 4 February 2010

The book that is filled with faces

Happy 6th birthday Facebook! It's difficult to know how to feel about you! On the one hand, you have enabled so called 'friends' to post pictures of us whilst inebriated on their pages for all to see. You also seem to inspire manic, incessant laughter as your members type, if the inordinate amount of LOLs that appear can be used as a gauge.

You have, however, made it possible for friends and relatives from different sides of the world to keep in touch easily and it is also now possible to publicly declare yourself to be a fan of Orkney Library and Archive. Click HERE and your beautiful eyes shall be shown a wondrous page of delights where all who read it feel the same as you; that Orkney Library and Archive is the best library and archive in all the world with incredibly attractive staff, the best choice of books/archives/cds/dvds/magazines/photos and the tastiest free cuppa on a Friday afternoon.

You can also reach our page by clicking on the link embedded in our website where you will also find our twitter link.

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