Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Oh Andy!

We'll remember all our life,
rain it came down cold as ice,
a shadow of a man,
a face through our tv
crying in the court
the game goes into

advantage and another set,
happy roger makes another play
looking in your eyes
we see a champion
we never realised
how happy you made us!

Oh Andy!
Well you came and you gave it your best shot
but they sent you away,
Oh Andy!
and you cried, and Kim cried, and Judy cried, and we all cried.... Oh Andy!

Above is the archive item which we had intended to post on Monday to celebrate Andy Murray's victory at Wimbledon, sob! It is only appearing today as it has taken this long for us to be able to look at it without weeping. Damn you rain!You ruin everything!

The Orkney Library and Archive staff all watched the game at my mum's house. She is still scrubbing the tear stains and sticky Murray mints out of the carpet and one member of staff has yet to uncurl himself from the foetal position and crawl home.

Deposit D1/204 is a book of minutes, accounts and subscriptions for Harray Tennis Club from 1932 to 1952.

The club had meetings every Monday and Thursday and members paid a subscription of 2 and 6 if they used their own raquet, 4 shillings if they didn't.

They held fund-raising dances and expenses included lime, tennis balls and a lawn mower.

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