Wednesday, 24 April 2013

We Fear Our Hearts Shall Never 'Beat Again.'

Keen fans of the Orkney Archive shall know that we are closed to the public on a Wednesday. This is so that we can tend to our children (hem, I mean... the archives) by cataloguing, packaging and lovingly stroking them all day long.

We have always been glad of this time to organise our teetering piles of uncatalogued material but never more so than today.

Today the archive staff are all wearing black armbands and tear stained veils after receiving the devastating news that JLS are to split.

There is no way we could face the public today. Sniff. Sniff sniff... Sniff.

There shall be no cataloguing today, merely lying in nests of packaging material whilst weeping and gently singing 'One Shot' to each other.

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