Thursday, 25 April 2013

We're All Goin' On An Archives Holiday!

It is getting to that time of year when we get slightly busier and the customers start to get a lot less local.
It is lovely to get visitors but it sometimes seems a shame that people have to travel so far to do their research. (Many travel from Australia and Canada each year.)

So we are leaving. We shall hire a big bus, Cliff Richard style and take a road trip South. We shall affix an enormous speaker to the roof which shall blast our theme tune  as we go and we'll just take the archives on the road okay? I'll just let the others in on my brilliant new outreach plans....

*                    *                 *                  *                    *                    *              
I just ran this idea past Dusty who fell into a deep swoon after shrieking " the archives away from their strongrooms... NEVER!" and had to be revived with old treasure hunt chocolates and meths from the cleaning cupboard.

The Fonds just assumed I was joking and clipped me on the ear with a commonty of Rendall.

VOC has locked himself into the darkroom with the Tom Kent negatives.

So the plan's off.

"Thanks for nothing guys!" I hear you shout; "what if we can't visit? What then huh? HUH?"

Then simply get in touch dear readers: we conduct much of our research by phone, letter and email.
Contact details are here.

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