Friday, 19 July 2013

Let's Get Trollied On Lollies...

After so many months of hideous weather, it feels somewhat wrong to complain about the heat this week. Wrong. And yet also so right.... UUUURRRGGGHHH, it's stuffy!

There was a stash of ice-lollies in the freezer but some wily library staff got there first and ATE THEM ALL.

No matter, we'll just look at these cool, snowy pictures of Canada taken by Orcadians working for the Hudson's Bay Company to cool down instead:

J. W. Sinclair, lunch hour at Kingnait, Baffinland.

J.W. Sinclair, Baffin island or Herschel island.

Royal Canadian mounted policedogs, Aklavik, Invuit Region, North Western Territories. Taken by Canadian working in Canada.

Also, it has been a while since we all had a friday afternoon boogy. Pop down your pens and enjoy the archives unofficial theme tune for the Summer. We like to sing

 'We're in this job to get dusty, we're in this job to get dusty,
We're in this job to get dusty, we're in this job to get dusty'

Until the customers scream at us to shut up.


  1. Ah! winter in the Canadian North. Boy, right about now it'd be great fun to dive into that snow, wouldn't it? At least the 100-degree temperatures here went down for a while. They're due back by the end of this week, though.

    I second your UUUURRRGGGHHH!

    Did you know that, on this side of The Pond, we call frozen confections on sticks popsicles? My daughter is playing "Lego Lord of the Rings," and one of the quest items is an ice-lolly! it's nice to know that our ruminations were spot-on: ice-lolly = popsicle.


  2. Funny, I don't remember Sam and Frodo stopping for Magnums on the ascent to Mount Doom...


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