Friday, 12 July 2013

That's Just Dandy, Andy!

We have come a long way to show you this, dear readers.Ups and downs. Hell, and indeed, high water.

 First, there was the utter devastation we experienced when Andy Murray lost Wimbledon despite Kim wearing a lovely dress and his mum wearing her smart tartan coat. That was awful.

Then there was the sleepy joy of watching him win the US Open at about 1am. That was good.

We were pleased about that readers, don't get us wrong; it was wonderful. It's just that we wanted to watch him win whilst awake and whilst eating our tea. With the sun shining outside.

As you all know, that happened last Sunday. Sandwiches were munched, Pimms were quaffed and small toddlers were given whole Magnums to eat just so that they would sit still and BE QUIET during the nail-biting third set. We would have posted sooner but a series of teeth-grinding I.T. tribulations have prevented us until now. This is being typed whilst hunched over a laptop.

Readers there is a very fancy looking olde-style document which pleases us greatly. It is the proud bearer of many seals. We LOVE seals. We promised ourselves that when Andy finally won Wimbo, we would post a picture of it in celebration. BEHOLD:

That's it. The best we've got.
Isn't it fab?
(Why not pop over for another look at Lionel though? That's always worth doing when one is feeling jubilant)
Orkney Archive Reference D38/1692 (a)


  1. I'll have what you're having....! :)

  2. It's the photocopier fumes. Or the dust... there's lots of dust here...


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