Friday, 20 March 2015

Total eclipse of the heart, well ok the sun (and not total)

Well it happened, the eclipse that is, and we were very excited to actually be able to see it as the moon slowly drifted in front of the sun. Then everything went a bit cloudy and we are now sitting in weird half-light waiting for the sun to return.

For those of you unlucky enough not to have witnessed the eclipse take a look at the Orkney Library & Archive Facebook page where Stewart has posted one of the great photographs that he took from the Orkney Room this morning.

And, as we're an archive after all, let's look at something old. This photograph of a partial eclipse was taken by Tom Kent in  January 1925.


  1. Cool! Love the eerie light, both in the facebook photo and in the one from 1925. Your facebook page is almost enough to make me reactivate my fb account. Almost.

    I should have known you'd be close enough to see the almost-totality of the eclipse. I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for the total eclipse of February 1979. If you ever have the chance to see one, you must do it!


  2. It was pretty fantastic Sue and, as you say, quite eerie.


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