Friday, 8 December 2017

Chiving Home For Christmas...

Oh readers, we try to be festive and it makes us look like fools! What is the first thing you read when you see our snazzy, Christmas lights display below?:

Intelligent and handsome readers will, of course, read 'WE ♥ ARCHIVES' unlike the many visitors, family history society treasurers and MEMBERS OF STAFF who thought that we had taken the time to construct and hang a banner which declared 'WE ARE CHIVES' to the rest of the world.

Even making the heart bigger and redder made no difference. 'Why have you hung a banner saying that you are chives?' the people kept asking.

Honestly... why bother?

For some Friday Fun, online prestige and an Orkney Library and Archive giant paper-clip, do please send in any anagrams you can make from the banner.


  1. Using We Love Archives ... the best anagrams are

    We Archive Voles
    Oversaw Vehicle
    Each Servile Vow
    I Revolve Cashew
    Each Revives Owl
    Vivace Heels Row
    Each Wives Lover

  2. I thought it was an instruction to "wear chives"
    Sorry :(

  3. Don't apologize Flora, we are resigned to this fact and have instructed our minions to weave us some chive-based tabards.


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