Thursday, 14 December 2017

Advent Quiz Number 3.

We seem to be celebrating advent with random archive quizzes this year, hurrah! So, following on from our mysterious objects and our archive conundrum, please welcome the weird bike picture quiz:

Why did this bike look like this? We'll give a prize for the first, most plausible reason and a better one for the most ridiculous idea.

Picture taken from the Hourston collection. To find out more about the photographer, please click here.


  1. At a guess it's to allow cargo such as a barrel to be carried on the front by tying it onto the A shaped frame between the wheels.

  2. This is of course for cycling on a split level surface. Clever!

  3. It's a bike for two villains. First villain cycling to escape, while second villain standing in front keeping rearguard and shooting comfortably at police constables in pursuit. Photo was taken by second villain after successful escape.

  4. This comment caused me to unleash a terrifying and grotesquely nasal series of sniggers and grunts. Readers were appalled. Hats off to you sir...

  5. It's technically not a bicycle, but a tricycle, as it has three wheels, not two. But that's ok, I, too emitted a most-unladylike snort at Mr. Reuther's response. ^_^


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