Friday, 14 May 2010

Well Done Patsy

Not only has our bookstart co-ordinator celebrated her birthday recently, she also provided the staff room with some truly excellent home bakes this morning. They had a milk and white chocolate swirly pattern on the top, a chocolatey, biscuity base and whole maltesers throughout. Everyone was ridiculously delighted with them and we all pretended to make conversation whilst trying to work out whether or not it was bad form to have two helpings. She baked cookies too but they haven't been opened yet, so a report on those will follow at a later date.

Bookstart is an initiative which aims to provide access and suitable reading materials to pre-school children and foster a life-long love of reading. Bookstart Rhyme Times are held twice monthly in the MacGillivray room on the first floor of the library. There is a monthly session for babies and another for toddlers. Click here for dates and times.

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