Friday, 7 May 2010

A Book Full of Recipes For People You Hate.

Pictured above is 'Academic Appetisers', a Kirkwall Grammar School publication which was presumably part of some fund-raising in 1975. Within, various Kirkwall teachers provide recipes ranging from basic Christmas cake and stuffed peppers to Cold Chicken Curry which calls for both peach jam and mayonnaise. Mmm, that classic combination.

Winner of the of Most Disturbing Recipe Award is the 'Savoury Supper Dish', which involves layers of corned beef or tinned salmon, tomatoes, canned spaghetti hoops and onion in a dish, white sauce over the lot, baked in a medium oven for half an hour.

We can only hope that this teacher was just writing down random ingredients for a hilarious laugh.

There is also a recipe for salad cream, a vile substance which should be made illegal. Why would you want to make it? It dries clear....

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