Thursday, 20 May 2010

Archive Idol

It gets much busier in the archives during the summer months. Family History Research draws visitors from all over the globe, cruise liners stop off for a day and the St Magnus Festival always boosts the population for a couple of weeks.

To deal with this surge in customers, we have been allowed a summer assistant this year. Interviews are taking place and we wait with baited breath to meet our new archive buddy.

Our bosses are very good to us and we were therefore consulted on the qualities we thought to be useful in an archive assistant. As regular readers will know, baking is high on the agenda here, so all candidates shall take part in a ready steady cook style bake-off in the kitchen. We shall provide them with some basic ingredients and they shall have one hour to whip up some archive-themed culinary delights to be sampled and marked on taste, originality and historical relevance by a panel of staff.

The hopeful interviewees shall then move on to the MacGillivray room where they will be put into pairs and forced to entertain us by singing a selection of our favourite duets. If they can't hold the long note in No More Tears (Enough is enough) or re-enact the Especially For You run, catch and spin move, then they're out.

Some simple, timed archival tasks shall then follow such as loading a microfilm with one hand tied behind their back, carrying three full archive boxes the length of one corridor and shooting unruly teens in the ankle with a staple-gun. Stuff like that.

We are toying with the thought of then opening up the decision to you dear readers, a la X Factor. Three hopeful mugshots shall be posted on the blog and then you decide.

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