Thursday, 3 September 2009

22nd April 2009 Sun sun sun sun sun sun !

Not many customers this morning as the weather is so glorious. To celebrate this sunny day, we are selecting summery books from the collection in the Orkney Room and putting them on display. Choices include Margaret Tait’s ‘The Grassy Stories’ and ‘The Sun’s Net’, a collection of stories by George Mackay Brown.

The Orkney Room contains books about Orkney, written in Orkney and/or written by Orcadians; both fiction and non-fiction. It also includes books on Shetland, the Faroes and Iceland. So really, it is a sort of Northern Isles room with a bit of Caithness and Canada thrown in.

My one enquiry today has been from a member of staff wondering what the names of the main roads in Burray village are. We got out some Council road plans but none were labelled. They must surely have official names? We found a reference to Blinkbonny road in a document but that was all.

I may have to refer to the County Road Committee minutes…

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