Friday, 25 September 2009

Blue Black Permanent

We have been asked a couple of questions about our copy of Margaret Tait's feature length film 'Blue Black Permanent.' The copy that we hold is on DVD and is for reference purposes only.

Visitors can request to watch it in the library on a laptop or, if we get a bit of notice, on a nice big telly.


  1. Hi there my grandad is in the film his name is Walter leask I have struggled to find a copy since his passing two years ago. Is there anyway I could procure a copy from yourselves?
    Thank you
    Mark leask Perth

  2. Hi Mark, I am afraid that we were given a copy by BFI for study purposes only and do not have permission to make copies.

    If you visit this website, however:

    from a school or local library pc then you should be able to view at least clips of the film. I don't think that you can access it from a home computer as, again, it is for study purposes only. I hope that this helps.


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