Saturday, 13 March 2010

The exquisite rendering that is at the top of this post is an artist's impression of the wonderful cake that was the centrepiece of our table last night. We initially all thought that the congratulatory cake was iced to look like a giant doughnut. Imagine the gasps of wonder, therefore, when we cut into it and realised that it actually was a giant doughnut. Life does not get much better than this, I think you will agree.

There has been a little too much discussion of food of late, but there is no food and drink allowed in an archive so we do get peckish.

The main job for today is scanning Mary Chute's letters to Frances Ligonier Balfour (See this post) to send to a customer. The letters date from the early 1800s and have no envelope, they are just folded upon themselves, sealed with wax and stamped with a postmark. The writing is scratchy and quite hard to read but becomes quite big and exaggerated when Mary is feeling emotional: "I in one kingdom, you in another - the child in a third!"

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