Thursday, 21 October 2010

Quick Poptastic Quiz

Which of these 80s popstrels has penned two of the tomes in our beloved Orkney Room?

Is it a) Nik Kershaw?

Is it b), Alison Moyet?

Is it c), Julian Cope?

Is it d), Clare Grogan?

Is it e), Chris Rea?

Or is it f), Sinitta?

The first person to guess shall receive an Orkney library and archive coaster and large paperclip set. Try to contain yourselves.

(Clue: It is his or her birthday today...)


  1. That'll be Julian Cope then.

    ... I can't contain myself. Please send paperclips immediately.

  2. Correct! Mr Cope has written 'The Megalithic European: the 21st Century Traveller in Prehistoric Europe' and 'The Modern Antiquarian: a Pre-Millenium Odyssey Through Megalithic Britain.'

    In the future I look forward to Cheryl Cole's thesis on Women's Suffrage in the context of World War 1 and Gary Barlow's examination of Transexual Crustaceans.

  3. I am delighted by what I have just read

  4. Thank you, delighting readers is our highest aim.


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