Friday, 1 October 2010

We Are Weeping and Eating at the Same Time.

Today is our Principal Archivist, Alison's,  last day. This is sad for us as she has been so great to work with, but the hundreds of cakes are helping with the pain.

I was talking to my good friend Elvis Costello last night and he's gutted that Alison's leaving. "She practically built that archive from scratch!", he cried, "it just won't be the same without her!"

"I know", I said, " I'd like to put some manner of tribute to her on our blog. In the past, I have altered the words to popular songs to mark certain days, but I can't think of any that are appropriate here."

Elvis was oddly quiet during the rest of our conversation, refusing all offers of crisps and merely grunting when I tried to discuss the AMAZING fight between Janine and Stacey in last night's Eastenders. I couldn't help feeling that I'd offended him somehow. Can't think how.

Anyway, I finally remembered the song 'Alison'. I can't remember who wrote it, but it fits quite well.

Oh it's so funny that you're leaving after so long, Boss
But with the early mornings and the dust,
We all understand.
And I heard you plan to make some tasty soup...
...we like cake here too...
We're not going to get too sentimental
'Cos you're not going to be far away.
And  we will phone you when we get stuck with something... we'll be talking every day

Alison, you know that we will sure miss you.
Oh Alison, Bye, Toodle-oo

You don't need to deal with customers now.
Oh will you miss the endless copying
taking up your day?
You used to run this place all by yourself,
Hope we manage when you're away.
Sometimes we wish that we could stop you from leaving
When we see the piles of stuff to do.
I think we'll just all have to pull our fingers out
and look forward to your leaving do.

Alison, you know that we will sure miss you.
Oh Alison, Bye, Toodle-oo
Bye, Toodle-oo...

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