Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The (Not so) Wonderful World of 1940s Adverts (Part 5)

It took me aaaaages to realise what this baffling advert was referring to. How mentally draining it must have been being a woman in the 1940s...and how annoying when there were LOADS of very Un-coy adverts about really gross things in nearly every issue of The Orcadian:

Eww Warts!

"It just decays in your bowels..."
 How are the words 'sanitary' and 'towel' worse than 'wart', 'bowel' or the phrase 'two pints of bile flowing freely'?

Give me a roaring woman jumping out of a plane any day.

All adverts taken from 1947 editions of The Orcadian


  1. I'm only 48, but my mum insisted I start with a sanitary belt and hooped pads (in about 1980). Oh, it was just AWFUL. They were huge, and the stigma. I squirm just thinking about how intrusive it all was... Thank heavens things are so much better

  2. Yet another reason I am glad I live in the present. History's alright to read about but...hooped pads man...

  3. Time was when nice girls didn't use tampons! I started with the belt and pads, too. UGH. I'm glad I'm old enough I don't have to deal with that any more. Now I have other problems. Hah!


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