Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Dispatches From The Summer Assistant #6: Lets Dance!

Yesterday, having finished a task quicker than I expected, I joked that I felt like doing a little celebratory dance. Anybody who knows me will realise that this was either a joke or an idle threat, as I seldom dance and when I do I look terribly uncomfortable.

Today I looked at an online events diary for Orkney (http://www.visitorkney.com/events/events_detail.asp?month=8&year=2010) and found that there is a Ceilidh at Stromness Town Hall from 7.30pm to 10pm tonight. This new-found obsession with dancing led me to search our catalogue for records on it. With my poor dancing skills, I found it rather appropriate that I found the following instructions:

The photocopied set of instructions for the steps of a dance thought to be for the 850th anniversary of the St. Magnus Fair continues overleaf with a rather helpful illustration.

Do not fear, I shall not be treading on anybody’s toes tonight but perhaps if I did overcome my fear of dancing such instructions might help.

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