Friday, 27 August 2010

TGI Friday... except we're working on Saturday...

Pictured above are two of the Orcadians who are to be included in our tie-in exhibition for the 2010 Orkney International Science Festival. We are hoping to have it up by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning but anyone who could see the teetering piles of documents strewn haphazardly around the room would guess at an inauguration date closer to  September 2020.

It will be fine.

Other events of today have included:

Eating a slice of excellent iced gingerbread which was baked by an unknown member of staff.

Finding old 70s photographs of older staff members and asking them how they got their hair to do that.

Looking for the same missing estate map twice, emptying out the entire map drawer each time.

Taking it in turns to wrap our arms around the ankles of our departing staff member, allowing him to drag us around in his wake.

Watching the Bookbug toddler group to take turns in the lift. (Ours is the only publicly accessible lift in Orkney. Consequently it's quite a hit with the kids. I'm thinking of charging for gos on it.)

It's Friday and I'm tired. It's time for some invigorating East Kilbridey pop:

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