Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dispatches From The Summer Assistant #7.5

A visitor to our archives has kindly drawn my attention to some interesting records. As it is the weekend, it seemed the perfect time to share these with you. He is interested in alcohol policy and found some interesting records on the argument on temperance in Stromness.

In 1921, Stromness became "dry", meaning that alcohol was banned. This was later put to the vote and the ban was repealed. The printed notices connected with the local veto poll held in Stromness in November 1947 (D1/439) are interesting because they show both sides of what appears to have been a heated debate. They also show that electors were asked to reflect on a range of issues, including crime and the economy. They had to vote for the Continuance Resolution (remaining the same) or Repeal Resolution (allowing a return to licencing).

For Continuance:

For Repeal:

For more information on temperance in Orkney click here.

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