Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Missing Home...

We are almost finished cataloguing the Margaret Tait papers... only a couple of boxes to go now.

The last two boxes have been a treasure of unpublished poems and other pieces of writing. There are many gems but this excerpt taken from one handwritten page touched us today.

'I miss Buttquoy. I miss the sun streaming in.
I miss its openness, its airy spaces.
I miss the freedom of the staircase
It had a good feeling in it      not grand, not poky.
The grates were well placed in relation to the doors.
Everything there was pretty well right, in size and placing-
Good fireplaces, where a coal or peat fire heated the room
I liked the height of the rooms, I miss that too.'

(The Tait family home, Buttquoy house was vacated by Tait in 1975. Her colour film, Place Of Work, as well as a black and white companion piece Tailpiece, were filmed in the house in the last few months before her departure.)

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