Friday, 23 September 2016

Happy Birthday Dear Get Dusty!

Archiver: Dusty!

Dusty: Archiver!

Archiver: It was the occasion of our 7th online birthday on September the 3rd and we did nothing to celebrate!

Dusty; That's not true... I've never seen you so drun...:

Archiver: ...(hastily) I meant an online celebration that our dear readers could enjoy.

Dusty: Birthday Bonanza time.

Archiver: Indeed. And maybe that plan that shows how close the Peedie Sea used to be to Broad Street?

Dusty: What else?

And thus, dear readers you find both Dusty and myself clad in our white vests, bandanas and blue jeans alternating between straddling the archive front desk to treat the customers to our best Bruce Springsteen 'guitar faces' and gently crooning to them Julio Eglasias-style as they (quite irritably, actually) get on with their work. Happy birthday 'The Boss!' Happy Birthday Julio!

Later on, we hope to put the fear of God into them by making spooky noises in the attic or leaping out of the map chests at them (in honour of birthday girl, Most Haunted's Yvette Fielding) and then reading them a lovely, calming story to soothe their poor nerves in the manner of Floella Benjamin who will also be celebrating today.

That is the plan anyway. And here is another plan:

As you can see, the library and archive building stands on reclaimed ground as the Peedie Sea's boundary used to be at the end of the gardens of Broad Street.

This plan dates from 1827 and you can see in the plan below that it had been this way since at least 1766:

Orkney Archive reference D8/E/19 (part)


  1. I will watch out for those map chests tomorrow!

  2. Hey, Happy belated birthday! I hope the cake was good, and the ghost was scary! ^_^



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