Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dispatches From The Summer Assistant #2: Sutherland Graeme Newscuttings

We regularly receive new accessions. These are items which form a new collection or can be added to an existing collection. There are various ways in which these can be given, including as a gift or on loan.

One recent accession which I am currently listing is an addition to our Sutherland Graeme collection (D5). Most of the new accession (D5/52) relates to Patrick Neale Sutherland Graeme, however it also contains items relating to other members of that family and their Graemeshall estate in Holm.

The accession includes various items including a sealed Commission in favour of Patrick Neale Sutherland, Esquire, L.B.E. Lord Lieutenant of the County of Orkney (D5/52/1), log books of the H.M.S. Topaze by A.M. Sutherland Graeme (his father) and family newscuttings books.

These newscuttings are a great source of information about the family, key figures in the communities of Holm and Harpenden. Searches relating to particular people (whether ancestors or well known local figures) tend to start with the identification of key dates such as births and marriages, and achievements, usually academic or work related. Finding out about their lifestyle and hobbies can be rather problematic because people may not have written about their leisure time. These scrapbooks contain a wealth of information relating to the family’s interests. They show that Patrick Neale Sutherland Graeme was a keen churchgoer, was involved in Toc H. and was a talented sportsman (playing cricket and football for the Cambridge Malvern Club). They also show his wife’s interest in amateur theatre and concerts.

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