Friday, 23 July 2010

There's Crazy New Things Going On In The Archive...

Yet another photo shoot has taken place in the Orkney Library and Archive featuring our impossibly glamorous members of staff. The local papers just look for an excuse.

Today the occasion was the Archive's new FamilySearch service.

One of the genealogy tools that we use in the archive is the I. G. I., which is The International Genealogical Index. This is an index of, amongst other sources, the Old Parish Registers of Births and Marriages. The I.G.I. is compiled and maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka The Mormon Church to keep track of their temple ordinances for their deceased. I would usually be very attracted to a religion that was responsible for both a brilliant database of world-wide family history information and The Osmonds, but they don't drink tea, so I'm out.

We currently hold microfiche information for Scotland's births and marriages up until 1855 but , now that the Archive is an official Family Search Centre, users can now order information on microfiche and microfilm directly from the Family Search website (where we access the I.G.I) and view them on our readers.

Users can order the materials for a 90 day loan period at the cost of £7.50, an extended loan costs £18.75 and a renewal of a loan period is £7.50. We have most of the Orcadian material that is in the catalogue, but if branches of your family tree veer off into countries other than Scotland, then this may be a useful service for you.

I haven't got the results of the photo-shoot to post yet, so I'll just leave you with the best Osmonds' song, the deeply weird 'Crazy Horses.' Have a Friday afternoon mosh!

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