Saturday, 14 December 2013

Time Travelling Fridays 2 (except on Saturday, as we wuz ill.)

Prepare to be amazed once more, as we unveil more time-travelling celebrities as your special advent treat:

Orkney Archive Sc11/5/1831/134
You may have assumed that Patrick Stewart won the role of Jean Luc-Picard because of his actorly skills but it was actually his experience of travelling through time and space to 1830s Orkney where he worked as a painter.

At one point, Patrick was taken to court over an unpaid bill of £19, 14 shillings and 5 pence. But his lawyer said that the charge was 'libellous' and actually due to a clerk writing a bill down twice by mistake. The firm later folded.

Orkney Archive reference SC11/5/1831/134

We also have completely water-tight and not at all nonsensical proof that John Snow also had a bash at the time-travel malarky and ended up being John Balfour's attorney, receiving bossy letters about bonds, notes of hand and various connected instructions.

Orkney Archive Reference D2/6/5


  1. What fun! thanks for brightening up Fridays in December!



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