Friday, 20 December 2013

Time Travelling Fridays 3

We meet again for our final advent Time Travelling Friday. Today's voyager through space and time is the recently crowned BBC sports personality of the year, our fave, Andy Murray.

Although we have always been great fans of Andy's slight dourness and unwillingness to pander to the press, many have criticised poor Muzza for his supposed 'moodiness'.

Well, we can exclusively reveal that Andy's world-weariness is due to a twenty year stint spent as a grocer in late 1800s Stromness. He's just really, really tired and sick of his penny sweets getting pinched.

Peace's Almanac 1881 Trade Directory for Stromness.

Next up, Donald Sutherland, who was accused of using his actor looks and lovely voice to 'unfairly seduce' a certain Magnus Flett of Harray into the Lord Seaforth's regiment. Conspiring to 'carry him out of the country contrary to his inclination and without giving him an opportunity for a fair trial.'

Oh Donald!

Orkney Archive reference SC11/5/1778/46

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Happy new year, y'all, from deep in the heart of Texas--well, the Texas Gulf Coast, anyway.


  2. Happy New Year to you Sue! Hope you've had a great festive season.


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