Thursday, 3 June 2010

We were all in the news, with our terrible trews...

Good Lord, what a festival of bad trousers choices is contained within this single photograph. Our photo archivist just rushed through shouting "Bay City Rollers trousers!" and I vaulted over a desk to shove it in the scanner and share this horror with our readers.

The photo is filed under 'architecture' but it should surely be assigned to whatever the Dewey Decimal number refers to 'Crimes Against Innocent Fashion.'

From left to right we can see, said Bay City Roller trews which I still cannot believe existed, some oddly tapered trousers which seem to be just legs with no crotch; the travesty which is plus-fours, flares; some fashion forward harem pants,and... the three on the right are alright, I suppose...

If you also enjoy sneering at the fashion choices of people who are probably perfectly nice and upstanding, there is plenty more where this came from in the Orkney Photographic Archive.

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