Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Let Me Introduce You...

If you are tiring of reading about Lionel Ritchie, soap operas, cakes and grumpy diatribes about less-than-perfect customers (what's wrong with you?), then prepare for a breath of fresh air each Wednesday. We have, for the first time in four years, a Summer Assistant to help us during the tourist season and this fellow archives assistant shall be guest posting on the blog once a week for the duration of his stay with us.

Our guest blogger has experience of working in repositories which are very different to Orkney Archive but the rumours that he has more archival qualifications than at least two of the present staff are terrible lies and shall be stopped.

It is yet to be seen how much of a veil our new blogger wishes to draw over his identity so I shall reveal nothing more about him (or her, or him...). I can say only this: he has the hair of an eagle, the eyes of a leprechaun, the speed of a golf cart, the agility of Anneke Rice, the wit of a mongoose, the temper of a mid-career systems analyst and the same jacket as my brother. I leave you in his strangely shaped, yet capable hands....

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