Wednesday, 22 September 2010

We've been written to by Paul and Mary!!!!

The Orkney Library and Archive is divided into two factions at the moment. One group of staff members found a BBC recipe booklet in their pigeon holes this morning and thought "that'll come in handy", but the rest of us are rolling on the floor with the Great British Bake Off tie-in books clutched to our chests, whooping with joy.

Those of us who watched this almost perfectly conceived program which reunited Light Lunch duo Mel and Sue and put them in charge of a round Great Britain bake-off, LOVED it. We moaned with horror when David forgot to put egg yolks in his souffles, we squirmed when Ruth got told off for the size of her scones and we tutted crossly as Jas put Mars bars in her pastries.

Incidentally, did anyone else wonder if Mel got any spit on her face when she said "but these are amateur bakers we're judging" and Paul Hollywood leant over the table and said "Yes, but it's the BESSSTT amateur bakers."? They deliberated the final result for over three hours! It was intense!

Anyway, the book is a delight. It begins with a SIGNED letter to the reader from expert baker Paul Hollywood and Doyenne of Cookbooks Mary Berry.
This unexpected honour is followed by recipes for Mary's lemon souffle and Victoria sponge and Paul's scones and Cob Bread. The last section of the book contains common baking questions like "Why is my bread heavy and stodgy?" or "Why are my scones hard and dry?". These questions are answered.

This post may seem completely irrelevant to our work here in the building and, well, it is. However, we do have a Jeans for Genes day coming up which shall require the staff to do some home-baking in order to raise funds on the day. These wonderful books shall help...

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