Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wishing I Lived in 1884...

Whilst looking through 1884 papers for Australian emigration adverts, I found these delights:

Why are scientists spending cancer research money on wasteful laboratory work? They should just travel back in time to 1884 and pick up some Clarke's Blood Mixture.

Some subliminal advertising, cunningly hidden in the midst of news. Excuse me, I've got a powerful craving for some Hops Bitters....

The poshest, most thrilling column of news ever: pirates, duels and dukes!

Some useful fashion and beauty tips for lovely ladies...

Information taken from Orkney Heralds dated 9th, 23rd and 30th of January and an Orcadian dated the 19th of January 1884.


  1. In the 2nd clipping, I'm more intriged by the "Rome's bath for sheep and lambs". It says it has "stood the test for 46 Bears". Is this a typo of "years" or have they been washing grizzlys?

  2. I am praying that it is not a typo and that they test each batch using 46 grizzlys.


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