Monday, 27 September 2010

Items that will never be asked for...? No.1

"Instructions on How to Hatch Lobsters Artificially in Neilson's Floating Incubators in Newfoundland" Dated 1901.

While looking for something else I found this juicy archive item that will sadly never be asked for unless we happen to get some very enthusiastic lobster researchers from Canada.

Point 14 states that: "The young lobsters should be dipped out from the incubators into a bucket of clean sea-water, a day or two after they are hatched, and be planted - that is to be carried away and liberated in the sea - in sheltered places, where there is plenty of goose-grass or sea-weed, and where pure salt water is found. In planting them they should be scattered as much as possible, and not be put in one place in a heap."

Got that?

If you are interested in seeing the whole document, the reference number is D19/7/12/4.

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  1. Love it. I do want to read it, purely because it's so irrelevant to my life.


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