Friday, 3 September 2010

Orkney Explorers Are Go...

Dr John Rae, arctic explorer, and his wife.

Our new exhibition, Orkney Explorers - Journeys For Ideas and Places, is finally ready to be viewed by the public.

We had to erect an X-factor style maze of barriers in front of the library to contain all the rabid exhibition fans this morning and it was quite hard to go about our usual morning routine whilst ignoring the increasingly blue faces pressing up against the glass and soundlessly mouthing "let us in! We hear you have illustrations by Robert Rendall on view!"

The exhibition ties into a number of Orkney Science Festival Talks including Pride Without Prejudice - a look at Mary Brunton's links with Jane Austen and with revolutions in science and society and Orkney and the Royal Society, which looks at Murdoch Mackenzie, John Rae and other Orcadians.

The Mary Brunton talk takes place at Skaill House on Sunday the 5th at 5pm and the Royal Society talk is at King Street Halls on Wednesday the 8th of September at 5.15pm.

There is also an event which complements the library's very own Monday Night Murders Reading Group - Murder, Mystery and Microscopes. This includes a book signing at the Orkney Sheriff Court by Ann Cleeves followed by a talk by forensic experts at the King Street Halls. The evening starts at 7.30pm on Monday the 6th of September.

This is completely unrelated to the science festival, but visions of cheese scones are dancing through my head. Yes, THE scone has made another celebrated appearance in the tea room and it took every ounce of my self restraint not to eat two. Stupid self restraint...

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