Friday, 23 April 2010

Avatar Schmavatar

Even if you are the sort of person who only likes to sit alone in their room, looking at one Magic Eye book after another, Orkney Archive will still have something to entice you.

The image above shows a card designed for use in a stereoscope.

The children's toy Viewmaster was a modern version of this.

The two pictures are ever so slightly different, with the left picture showing more landscape to the left and vice-versa. When viewed through a stereoscope, our eyes are tricked into believing that this card is one three dimensional image.

We have a set of Orcadian scenes printed in this way that are very delicate, each wrapped in a piece of archival tissue paper.

"Well thanks a lot!" you cry "but I don't have a stereoscope and I really really like looking at cool 3D images, you're just teasing us!"

Don't worry, faithful readers. Merely print out the image and look at it cross-eyed. You can do this whilst looking at it on the computer screen if you're lazy but it is probably really bad for your eyes.

If you are in a room with other people, don't worry about looking stupid; we've been doing it all morning and we looked awesome.

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